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About MBSE Consulting P.C.

We help engineering organizations in the definition, development and deployment of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). 

Thus, making it easier to collaborate, introducing effective change and unleash the system thinking within your organization. 

Our focus and expertise are centred on several industries, spanning from automotive to aerospace, from defence to chemical. 

Our primary mission is to create value for engineering organizations by bringing and adapting MBSE expertise and best practices from all over the world.  

In addition to MBSE we offer expertise and support in Product Line Engineering (PLE) and Enterprise Architecture always conceived with a model-based approach. 

What is Model Based Systems Engineering

“Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later life cycle phases.” [INCOSE, 2007].

From Document-based to Model-based

By using models instead of documents along with the development and maintenance cycles, more complete, consistent, and traceable system design is provided and the quality of traceability and change impact assessments are enhanced. 

Through the adoption of MBSE any organization can reduce time to market and increase quality because maturity can be achieved with less development cycles and each cycle is shorter.  

We provide also support in other model based disciplines such as Model Based Product Line Engineering and Model Based Enterprise Architecture

What is Model Based Product Line Engineering

Based on the ISO/IEC 26550 and extended to a model based approach, Model Based Product Line Engineering enables companies to develop product lines and product families by reusing engineering artefacts such as requirements, SysML models, 3D models, Software components within several derived variant products.

It is important for companies to understand how they can leverage it to establish and manage variability; reduce costs and product complexity; increase productivity and product quality through strategic, prescribed creation and use of domain artefacts; shorten time to market; and increase customer satisfaction through mass-customization of products and more accurate estimation of schedules and costs.

What is Model Based Enterprise Architecture

Because of increasing complexity and rising costs, it is important to ensure that system entities that are being developed can talk to each other and meet the overarching capabilities that they were intended to achieve. Model Based Enterprise Architecture provides a means to develop an understanding of the complex relationships that exist between organizations, systems, and systems-of-systems and enable the analysis of these systems to ensure that they meet the expectations of the enterprise and its users.

A good and systematic Enterprise Architecture is a main enabler of digital transformation within an organization.

Our approach is mainly based on the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) developed by the Object Management Group (OMG). However it can be adapted and customized to meet specific organization´s needs.

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